Run command in background on a Synology NAS with nohup

To run a programm  that doesn't quit if you close the ssh session use nohup (no hangup). Attention, you have to run it as root for it to work!

admin@DiskStation:~$ sudo su
ash-4.3# nohup <command> &

ash-4.3# nohup cat /dev/zero | split -b 4095m - /volumeUSB2/usbshare/zeros -d --additional-suffix=.file &

PowerCLI error after vCenter Server upgrade

After upgrading to vSphere 6.7, a PowerCLI script aborts with this error message:

The vCenter Server is unable to decrypt passwords stored in the customization specification.

To resolve the issue, retype the password in the VMcustomization specifications (under Policies and Profiles). Edit the customization specifications and retype the password under the following two preference points:
- Administrator password
- Workgroup or domain