Synology HyperBackup to Hetzner Storage Box

Its possible to use Hetzner Storage Box as HyperBackup target with the following settings.


  • Log in to StorageBox Administration from Hetzner
  • Select StorageBox
  • Create SubAccount (Optional)
    • Activate: Allow SSH
    • Activate: Allow external accessibility
    • User name and password will be displayed after saving (ONLY ONCE!)


  • Install HyperBackup package
  • Backup destination > File server > rsync
    • ServerType: rsync-compatible server
    • Server name: <>
    • Transmission encryption: On
    • Port: 23
    • Username: uXXX-subXXX
    • Password: XXX
    • Backup module: /home/
    • Directory: <backup name>

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